Engineering Sciences Syllabus for CSIR-NET Exam December 2012

CSIR is introducing the NET-JRF Exam in Engineering sciences starting from December 2012 Exam which would be held on 23rd December, Sunday! The syllabus for engineering Sciences can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

CSIR Engineering Sciences Syllabus


  1. ganesh says:

    can u please upload some test papers foe engineering sciences (Electronics)
    the site is very nice.
    it helps a lot
    thank u

  2. braj krishna says:

    please send the NET paper for engineering science.

  3. Gokulan says:

    plz upload model question paper for engineering science.its helpful engineering students,,,,,,

  4. dixit says:

    kindly upload model question papers for (mechanical)engg.students..)

  5. oviya says:

    pls enclose some model ques paper wit solved answer….

  6. Nithin says:

    How will the paper be valued if I answer more than the required number for each section

  7. Nithin says:

    How will the paper be valued if I answer more than the req number of questions for each section

  8. praveen rao says:

    kindly send model questn paper for electronics&communication

  9. praveen rao says:

    plese send eiectncs model paper

  10. Please send me a model question paper for NET 2012 engineering science exam.

  11. allwin alex says:

    i think this is the first time they are conducting an exam in the engineering sciences subject. So there is no previous question paper available.

  12. allwin alex says:

    engg sciences exam is being conducted for the first time. SO there is no previous qn paper available

  13. vinay says:

    i didn’t understand the pattern of part C ??
    has anyone?
    is that meant to be theory ??

  14. vinay says:

    Is the part C theory based questions…please help me

  15. avinka says:

    can anyone plzz tell me precisely what numerical ability includes???
    and plz plz a model paper also….

  16. soujanya says:

    please send model question papers for electronics&communication

  17. palsi says:

    what happens if answered more questions than required
    i mean how the evaluation takes place for answering more than required

  18. reetj says:

    i want to know if there is any chance for clearing the cut off if we answer less than the no. of questions required to answer. and what if more than required questions are answered.
    does each section mentioned in enng. sciences will have only 10 questions or is it subject wise like ece will have only ece questions