Tips to effectively answer the questions in CSIR-NET exam, Dec. 2016

We hope you are prepared to take the upcoming CSIR-NET exam now with full enthusiasm and great energy. At this juncture we would like to present few tips on how to effectively answer the question paper, as it is very important that your knowledge is translated/converted in a very proper way to the “answer sheet”. Some useful points are listed below-



  1. Read the entire question, you are going to attempt, patiently.
  2. Anticipate the answer as you read the question, even before you see the options given below.
  3. Highlight or underline the key concept of the question, this will help you to understand the soul of question and consequently the required answer.
  4. Rule out or eliminate the clearly wrong answers.
  5. Consider all the possible answers left, remember you are looking out for the best possible answer when you are answering a multiple choice question.
  6. Don’t get disheartened if you find yourself unable to answer few questions in a row, remember there are a lot of choices in each section.
  7. Keep your cool while reading/answering the questions, remember CSIR doesn’t only checks your knowledge, it checks your patience and decision making skills as well.
  8. Take the test in rounds, i.e.answer the those questions in first round for which you are completely sure, then in next round answer the questions for which you are around 90% sure and so on.
  9. Once you are sure about an answer immediately mark it on OMR sheet, don’t leave it for end time as towards the end pressure builds up and you may make mistakes in filling like lines going out of the circle, circle only half filled etc.which ultimately renders your answer NOT considerable.
  10. You can start with any section of your choice, you are not bound to answer section A followed by section B followed by section C. You can decide upon your ease and preparedness.

You will definitely find the above tips useful after you get the question paper in your hands, we hope for your best performance and wish you luck !!!!!!



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