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Answer Key CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences (Maths) June 2012

Updated: July 14th 2012
Embedded below is the Answer Key of Mathematical Sciences. The document is in progress and would be completed soon by your contributions and discussions.

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Solution: Question 1 Chemical Sciences June 2012

The Question:

In still air, fragrance of a burning incense stick will be smelt by an observer quickest when the experiment is carried out at



Let’s first consider the altitude, at high altitude there would be lower density of air and vice versa. At higher temperature the fragrance will move quicker.

The answer would be option 1 i.e. low altitude and high air temperature

Solution: Question 1 Life Sciences June 2012

The Question:

The area of shaded region in cm2 is?



From the figure, the shaded area is ¼­ ­­ of the difference between the area of circle pr2 and largest square enclosed in it which is 2r2.

First, area of circle in cm2 = pr2 = 4p ; Area of the square which is composed of 4 equal triangles would be 4 times of area of each right angle triangle 2*2/2 i.e. 8;

Now area of shaded region = 4p-8/4 = p-2, Answer is option 2